Awesome, New Look of Windows Phone 10

Awesome, New Look of Windows Phone 10
Awesome, New Look of Windows Phone 10

Gearbeat - Windows Phone 10 being worked on. Microsoft is expected to reveal details in a couple of weeks ago. But it seems there are a number of people who tasted the initial version of this new OS.

Circulating in crowded internet posted a screenshot or view websites Windows Phone Italy. This screenshot reportedly is the Home Screen and Windows Phone App List 10.

In the first screenshot, the most easily recognizable is the renewal Home Screen. The main display appears flatter order to adjust the new design approach adopted by Microsoft when Windows 8 comes.

Display Windows Phone 10
Display Home Screen becomes more beautiful. However, in this photo has been no sign of the existence of the interactive live tiles which was originally touted as part of the release of Windows Phone 10.

Interactive live tiles allow users to do several things at once, such as playing games and stop the music without having to open the application, but directly from the live tiles using the built-in button.

In the absence of interactive live tiles, it is easy for people to guess that this screenshot false. But not infrequently also the opinion this is an early version of Windows Phone 10 are still being developed and will likely be there live tiles in the end.

Other changes that may be implemented Microsoft is adding support for the app list background. Obviously this is not an innovative enhancement. However, the value added is to make mobile phones become more personal and create a new Windows Phone OS will be more attractive.

There has been no confirmation whether it is real screenshot of the Windows Phone 10 or not. Public still must wait for the official announcement from Microsoft.

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