Smartwatch LG Advanced Car Audi

Smartwatch LG Advanced Car Audi -
Smartwatch LG

LAS VEGAS - In addition to announcing the latest smartphone G Flex 2 and G4, the Taiwanese manufacturer is LG also introduced the latest smartwatch that has a special design. Resources mentioned that smart watches comes with a design similar to a sophisticated car Audi.

LG SmartWatch comes with a strap design and aluminum frame which is similar in design typical of Audi, and screens are made with a circular shape. On the right side of the watch is decorated with three key settings are also made with stainless steel.

As quoted from Phonearena, Wednesday (01/07/2015), the exhibition Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2015 decorated with the presence of LG SmartWatch with circular designs look similar to the typical design of the Audi car.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about the operating system used smart watches LG's development, whether using Android Wear or other Android versions. Only reportedly, wearable devices will be officially released in March 2015.

Other news mentioning that smart watches named Watch R2 is claimed comes with LTE connectivity support. Only, there is no information in the name of truth and support the adoption of enterprise connectivity.

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