Unboxed Overview – GoPro Hero4 Silver

Next, we will look at the contents of the box GoPro Hero4 Silver. As you can see below, the parts are almost identical to the black in the previous section.

Box GoPro Hero4 Silver - gearbeat.blogspot.com
Box GoPro Hero4 Silver
Touch Screen GoPro Hero4
The only difference in the box is the case of doors. The Silver Edition includes three doors (instead of two), and two of Reviews These doors are designed to allow you to operate and the touch screen. In the photo below, the two lower doors allow touch screen operation. The left one is completely open, while the right one has a thin flexible plastic.
GoPro Hero4 Review
GoPro Hero4 Review

GoPro Hero4 Review
GoPro Hero4 Review

Flexible Plastic
That thin flexible plastic is actually two pieces of plastic, one of the which you'll remove. The one to remove is the blue-tint one. If you somehow manage to remove the other one, you'be totally hosed things up - since it's molded into the case.

GoPro Hero4 Review

GoPro Hero4 Review

View Camera : Front and Back
Here's the front of the camera, as you can see, it's virtually identical to the Hero4 Black. Thought, strangely in my case it actually has a small manufacturing defect on the front of the LCD screen. It has not bothered me though, and I'm too lazy to deal with returning it.

gopro hero 4 - front of the camera
front of the camera

20 Advantages of GoPro HERO4 SILVER

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