Samsung Gives Birth 'Species' New UHD TV

Gearbeat - Samsung issued a 'species' new in the TV industry. Not Ultra High Definition (UHD) exhibited normal TV Samsung at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas, USA, but SUHD TV. Additional letter 'S' here is certainly not without reason. By bringing the quantum dot technology, Samsung TV SUHD CLAIMING will offer color, brightness and sensations more beautiful than the usual TV UHD. Not to mention smart TV interface based OS Tizen

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New Samsung SUHD TV
SUHD name itself is not an abbreviation of the Samsung Ultra High Definition (UHD). At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015, Samsung mentions nine things which represents the letter 'S' is, among other Special, Striking, Sensational, and Seductive.

There are 3 series which has prepared the South Korean vendors for this TV series SUHD consisting of 9 screen sizes, ranging from the small 48 inch to 88 inch.

The highest series - JS95000 - comes with full-array LED backlight. While JS9000 is a television series with curved panels, the rear soft textured television.

All Samsung SUHD TV using quantum dot technology, which can produce 20% more colors than a TV that is currently available. This technology also makes the TV can produce a much brighter picture. The television lineup also be the debut for a new design platform Tizen OS.

With Bluetooth Low Energy features, all lines SUHD TV will automatically detect the presence of compatible Samsung smart devices, and make it a second screen or a number of other features.

Although Samsung has not revealed the price for this new product line, the possibility of this premium product will have a high price. But do not worry, the future will release the Samsung still non SUHD TV.

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