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If you are having problems with using unmanned aircraft for aerial photography, it could be a reason to fear the high cost. It is unlikely that ordinary people tend to splash the better part of a thousand dollars on drones and more for the cam action to accompany only for noodling around. That's the problem that torquing Group aims to improve the Zano, an unmanned aircraft nano who want to bring the price down to under $ 300, which allows more people to take risks.

Zano is the idea of Lantronix, a Welsh company that manufactures equipment for various enterprise WiFi defense. Need to Kickstarter to pre-sell the drone, but exhibit non-functional prototype here at CES. Creating military WiFi module means that Zano has military-grade wireless connectivity and is able to control his own plane to prevent novice pilots of crashing on their first attempt.

Zano also be connected with your android smartphone, so you can memantai results aerial photography easier, and cheaper costs.

Rounding out the list of specifications including the battery is replaced, a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 60fps clips and can herd, if it matters to you. When it was launched in the summer, it will be compatible with iOS and Android devices, with Windows Phone app lags along at some point thereafter. Fortunately, the company had destroyed crowdfunding goal, but there are still a few hours left if you want to throw money into the direction of the company.

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