LAPD Using Tasers that trigger the camera body when used

LAPD Using Tasers -

Remember 8000 camera body Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promised to buy for local police officers this year? Well, now the LAPD has ordered more than 3,000 Tasers can activate automatically as soon as the safety flicked off. Police have opted to Taser X26P, "smart" weapons launched two years ago, to refresh 2,270 of stun guns older. A second would introduce a further 860, which are all designed to work in parallel with the TASER AXON camera body. As reported by Reuters, the end of this year the LAPD will be able to pair the two via Bluetooth so that, in theory, no video recording every time an officer fires a Taser. Weapons itself also can record important information about each event, such as date, time and duration of each shock. As tension grows around the error officer in the US, it hopes the tool will provide greater transparency and accountability, particularly as evidence in court.

Recording via the camera body shows what happens after the Taser was armed, while the Taser itself keeps a log on the use, noting things like how often fired and if the arrow to make contact.

Taser also said the police will receive training on the use of Tasers / camera, which we assume means the best practices when changing safety off to use the front camera shoot. At least, we hope they get the training.

Connection trigger safety record after being stripped, but that may not tell the whole story. The goal seems to be a reduction in force, with the release mentions "a 2009 study by the Police Executive Research Forum, sponsored by the National Institute of Justice found that the use of TASER devices reduce the risk of injury to the police by 70% and the risk of injury to the suspect by 40%."

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