Sony SmartEyeGlass vs Google Glass

Google Glass will get a challenge from Sony. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2015, the manufacturer announced the presence of smart glasses maiden named SmartEyeGlass.
Sony SmartEyeGlass vs Google Glass -
Sony SmartEyeGlass vs Google Glass

It looks like a bit with Google Glass, but the body is slightly less concise. Moreover, in the top right of this device looks a camera that is so prominent.

"With High-Resolution Color OLED microdisplay and Micro-Optical Unit is able to optimize the high-resolution images in the Sony SmartEyeGlass this," said the company, which Gearbeat quotes from Pocket Lint, Tuesday (06/01/2015).

Overall, this product has a weight of 40 grams and comes with glass 640x400 pixels. This smart glasses can be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth connection.

Views of function and form, this smart glasses suitable for use as outdoor activities, such as sports. Because there is an application supporting the Like healthcare applications.

Camera module on its side, also makes these glasses can also be used to record the video quality is pretty good.

SmartEyeGlass on display at CES 2015 is still in prototype form, and is not known when it might be sold freely.

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